Opportunity for All Coalition (OFAC) President Collin Hathaway released the following statement on Governor Jay Inslee’s signing of the illegal capital gains income tax (SB 5096):

“With a stroke of the pen, the Governor has removed Washington from the list of states without an income tax. What the governor signed into law today is an unconstitutional and illegal income tax that we believe will be struck down in court. The Washington state constitution clearly prohibits a graduated income tax and voters have rejected similar measures ten times. This action will hurt job creation and put our state at a competitive disadvantage. We are confident the courts will uphold the constitution and ensure this tax is never implemented.”

  • Not having a state income tax is a major competitive advantage for Washington State
  • Supporters of the tax are labelling it an "emergency" law. There is no actual "emergency"
  • Voters will NOT be able to approve or reject this law at the ballot box!

Don’t believe the hype — this will be a tax on everyone and you’re next! This income tax will hurt the whole economy and do nothing about regressivity. We can do better and create more opportunities for ALL Washingtonians!

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